Bounded bio-sourced growing solution unlocking 200% yield increase.

Designed to offer an alternative to rockwool, high peat moss mix or coco fiber.

HerbiaEra eco-friendly bio-based solutions, help growers reduce their costs, simplify labor needs, and fine-tune their growing environment.

up to 200% more yield

Maximize growth

HerbiaEra bio-sourced bonded solution ensures optimal growth at each stage of the crop. Balancing drainage capacity, water retention to maximize crops development.


  • Roots Development
  • Weight
  • Size

Automation ready

Simplify Handling

No matter your irrigation system, the bonded substrate created by our equipement greatly simplifies automation integration, transplant process or used to accelerate your production. Reducing the transplanting labor up to 80%.

Proven results in:

  • Nurseries
  • Vertical farming
  • Traditional greenhouse

Naturally stable

Reduce Maintenance and monitoring

The solution ensures a reduction of maintenance in hydroponic systems, reducing the soil accumulation in the filters. It also ensure a optimal life for good Organism

Scientifically Confirmed

  • PH regulation
  • Perfect Humidity / Air Balance
  • Good Organism

bio sourced substrate

Grow more

The solution allows to grow a greater variety of crops.

  • Leafy
  • Herbs
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • many more!

Our solution fit your size!

At HerbiaEra, we excel in tailoring equipement solutions to perfectly fit your requirements.

Although we adapt the equipement to fit standardized format:

  • Growing bloc
  • Small plug
  • Tiny plug

Our unique solution adapt to your size of substrates. ensure optimal growth by seamlessly adapting size and format to your preferences or requirements from your culture.

Our mission is to ensure the flourishing of your crops.

Simplifying & Optimizing Sustainable Farming. Contact us now!

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